Other Services

Canadian Map Makers also offers a number of other services listed below:


Field Data Collection:

GPS collection1GPS collection2We will go out into the field and collect all the data you need for your map product. This includes GPS data, photographs and observation notes. Our proprietary software is used to do post processing on the data to improve accuracy and appearance.




Offshore Printing:

Canadian Map Makers has partners in Asia who can help us arrange large scale reproduction at economic prices. For smaller scale product runs, we partner with local printing companies which offer a faster but more expensive service.


Website Development:

Design with mouseOur specialty is in the creation of Joomla based content managed (CMS) websites, but we can also create more traditional static style websites. Our services include initial consultation, Joomla template design, creation of site structure/content, graphic design, photo/image processing, search engine optimization (SEO) and site update & maintenance. We will also sort out all of the other technicalities such as setting up email accounts and hosting services.





Graphic Design:

leafletsWhether or not your desired artwork contains cartographic artwork, we can design for you flyers, posters, pamphlets etc. of any type or size. We create design layouts in Adobe Illustrator, prepared in readiness for the printer of your choice. Artworks can be delivered in a number of other formats, and optimized for web display if that is also a requirement.