Speciality Maps

Our speciality maps can take many forms; everything from a map of the local leisure to the custom wall chart showing routes and photos of where you went on that big adventure:


Recreational Maps for Local Authorities:

Mundy ParkWe can make these to depict parks, gardens, access routes and even the inside of large buildings such as shopping malls, leisure centres and exhibition halls.










Wall maps:

English BayThese are typically poster sized artworks, designed to be hung and displayed, depicting a certain region or city. Our wall maps lean towards the more visually appealing end of the spectrum as they are intended to be a display item. We can create 2D or 3D versions and can be personalised with photos etc.


Interactive Web Maps:

BV-screenAny of our map products can be adapted to be displaced on the internet or other electronic media. Additional interactive capability can be added such as zooming, picture popups, description popups and legend control.



Maps for Presentations:

PowerpointHave a PowerPoint presentation that needs a map to illustrate an important point? We can create that map for you and allow you to concentrate on the other aspects of the presentation.