Travel Maps

Maps for travel constitute one of the biggest uses of maps world-wide. At Canadian Map Makers we can create travel and recreational maps for all sectors of this market. Whilst digital maps are gaining popularity, there is still no substitute to a good old-fashioned paper map tucked into the back pocket when there is no phone reception of roaming charges are an issue.


Maps for Guidebooks and Travel Guides:

guidebook1guidebook2Writing a guidebook but don’t have the expertise to create your own attractive looking maps? We can create maps for your guidebook, and tailor them to match the look and feel of your publication.




Travel Maps:

travelmapCanadian Map Makers can make fold up travel maps for any destination and at any scale.








Transport Systems:

undergroundWe can create maps of transport systems depicting all modes of ground transport in a certain area in an easy to understand and logical way.





Outdoor Recreation Maps:

IA ZoomedWe have extensive experience in making high quality, topographical , navigation-grade maps for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, kayaking, running and skiing. For areas where trails have not been previously accurately mapped we provide a service where we will hit the trails and collect that GPS data for you. 





We can focus on single activities, or a multitude of different activities, and can map national parks, provincial parks and local/regional parks.